Taira provides for its clients full range of air conditioning services:

1) Technical consulting and design works.

Depending on object peculiarities and customer wishes the calculation of air conditioning equipment and all communications is carried out at the design stage. Our experts visit the installation site in order to obtain exact design parameters. The contract is concluded after agreement and approving technical requirement of the project with the customer.

2) Selection and supply of equipment.

We offer an individual selection and supply of HVAC equipment for industrial, semi-industrial and household application using HVAC equipment from well-known manufacturers. In this case, we focus on the equipment of the companies, which applies modern energy-saving technologies for their designs. Selection of air conditioning system is performed based on the type and size of the premises, preferred type of equipment design (wall, channel, etc.), the air conditioning system functions, peculiarities of installation.

3) Equipment installation.

Installation works are carried out by our company mounting crew consisted of experienced professionals and full compliance with building codes and state standards including all requirements for the shortest possible time.

4) Maintenance and warranty service of air conditioning systems.

Comprehensive maintenance and warranty service of air conditioners are carried out by highly qualified personnel of our company. We provide a full range of services that is preventive services, diagnostics, repair, replacement of equipment, mounting/dismounting, and commissioning. These services include regular functional tests of all units and machinery of the equipment, filling the system with coolant, tests for technical parameters of air conditioners, etc.

Air conditioning is intended for supplying and maintaining in the premises

  • permissible conditions of air according to the established standards, if they can not be provided with a regular means;
  • artificial indoor climatic conditions in accordance with the technological requirements or part of it for year-round or during warm or cold seasons;
  • optimal (or close to) hygienic conditions of air environment in industrial premises, if it economically justified by increase in labor productivity;
  • optimal conditions of indoor air environment in public and residential buildings, administrative and multipurpose buildings as well as auxiliary buildings of industrial facilities.

The main objective of air conditioning is ensuring optimal climatic conditions for a comfortable stay in premises for people and providing undamaged condition for any valuable property. Air cooling is deemed as comfortable if it is necessary to maintain optimum conditions of air environment. Creation of artificial climatic conditions involves organization of process air-conditioning.