Taira offers a wide range of services on providing heating systems for objects of different types and purposes:

  1. Design of heating systems.
  2. Selection and delivery of necessary equipment corresponding different tasks.
  3. Installation of heating systems.
  4. Start-up operations.
  5. After-sales service of installed systems.
  6. Maintenance service of heating systems.

The specialists of our company, according to the standards and set operating parameters of a building, particular type of fuel, allocated budget, properly calculate and select necessary equipment, choose complete set of necessary materials for the heating system. We offer HVAC equipment from various well-known manufacturers with options from economy to premium set. All installation work is carried out within the agreed period of time in accordance with the technical documentation. Maintenance service, which is carried out by our experts, includes a range of works aimed to prevention of equipment failure by on-time diagnostics and routine maintenance of HVAC equipment.

We offer:

  • Domestic heating: apartments, cottages, and private houses.
  • Commercial heating: offices, shopping premises, administrative buildings, entertainment centers.
  • Industrial heating: warehouses, manufacturing facilities.

We specialize in self-contained and centralized heating systems.

Self-contained boiler-based heating systems based on the boiler – independent heating and hot water supply in your area provides some advantages comparing to centralized heating.

Features: Self-contained heating system has closed loop where the heated water or other coolant circulates. It transfers heat to the room. The system may use different types of pipes: plastic, copper or steel.

The main advantages of self-contained heating compared to the central one are

  • Possibility of the temperature regulation;
  • Significant reduction in cost of heating and hot water;
  • Wide range of radiators, pipes and installation layouts;
  • Possibility to replace pipes, valves and fittings and heating appliances without breaking the heating mode in other apartments.

For proper selection the boiler-base heating system it is necessary to determine the capacity of the boiler, and select the type of boiler. There are several types of boilers. They are gas, electric, liquid fuel, solid fuel and combined boilers. Boiler capacity is adjusted individually for each object. Boilers are equipped with the automation system to ensure a safe operation of the boiler and automatic adjustment of desired temperature in the building.

Central heating systems generate heat outside the heated areas (boiler, CHP). Then, generated heat is transported through the heating mains to consuming facilities and buildings. Central heating systems are classified by coolant type, i.e. water, air, steam, etc.