Taira Company provides full range of ventilation services, ranging from project development, selection and supply of required ventilation equipment, and to quality installation and service.

Ventilation of residential and non-residential premises is one of the main conditions of suitable work, living and comfort. So, fresh air, comfortable temperature and humidity are necessary conditions to maintain comfortable work. Modern ventilation systems can be successively performs such task.  Despite the similarity of conditions, based on the purpose, area of external conditions each premise requires individual solution. Therefore, ventilation should be designed and installed by experts.

We install supply, combined extract-and-input systems, and exhaust ventilation systems at the various types of facilities: domestic premises (apartments, houses), industrial, commercial, government areas, and warehouses, administrative and other buildings on the whole territory of Ukraine.

The company’s personal are highly trained experts, and they are ready to assists in solving any task. At first, we perform preliminary comprehensive analysis of the individual object. On the basis of the results of such examination we develop the concept and select the most optimal and energy-efficient project for the specific order. Each case needs individual calculation of the ventilation system parameters depending on the area of premises, the number of people in such premise, air inter-substitution, fresh air supply and exhaust used air.

Since the foundation, the company has been carried out a large number of high-tech projects on design, installation and service of ventilation systems in various types of premises.