Floor convectors

In this section we offer you the Hidria carbon heaters (built into the floor), which are modern heating appliances. They are designed for heating and cooling of areas with large glazing surfaces: automobile showrooms, greenhouses, apartments, offices, shops, etc.

Modern design, decorative floor grate (section-shaped, rolled of stainless steel and aluminum, 4 types of wood), special forms of convectors (angular, rounded) allow to create a unique design and a comfortable climate.

Besides the main heating function they can work as air door (to prevent the formation of condensation, infiltration of cold air inside the room).

Performance: heating within 0.09 - 45.7 kW, cooling within 0.4 - 11.5 kW.

Types of convector design:

  • TK/08 convectors with natural convection
  • TKV/08 floor convectors with forced convection
  • TKV/08-S, TK/08-S floor convectors for rooms with high humidity
  • TKN floor convectors for heating and cooling