Brand Panasonic

The company was founded in 1918 as Matsushita Electric Industrial Co, Ltd. Since 1957 it has been working in the field of air-conditioning, and is a world leader both in overall turnover and in modern technology and quality level. This company is widely known as Panasonic trademark throughout the world.
Matsushita has two air conditioning divisions. They are Air Conditioner Division and Package Air Conditioner Company. Each of the divisions consists of several branches and production facilities located all over the globe.
The main air-conditioning division is "Creating comfortable living conditions." Thus, the Company tends to use the most advanced design to provide high-quality products, which could meet any consumer requirements. The company has identified three main directions for development of new systems. They are care for purity of environment, for the the consumer health and for ease of use. Each of the two divisions is responsible for its range of equipment.
RASF develops and manufactures the complex industrial systems ranging from 5 kW and above including the VRF class machinery, ventilation and air purification systems. This division is involved in system integration of air conditioning solutions to the modern building management systems.
ACD is responsible for the air conditioning system of lower capacity including split systems, window air conditioners, multi split systems, recessed air conditioners, as well as household air purifiers, dehumidifiers/humidifiers and other products related to climate control. ADC has divisions on production of compressors and automobile air conditioners.

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