Brand Нidria IMP Klima

Hidria IMP Klima has been the manufacturer of high quality air conditioning equipment for over 50 years. Its main advantage is the scientific and technical knowledge and experience in production organization on the basis of the latest achievements of science and technology that allows to provide quality products and complete solutions including the management of project works, designing and delivery of services on air conditioning systems.

Manufacture of group of companies Hidria IMP Klima is certified corresponding to ISO-9001 and ISO-14001. Production also has certificates of compliance and fire safety in Ukraine.

In this section we offer you Hidria IMP Klima d.o.o. fancoils. Fancoil is an English name, which consists of the words fan and coil (heat exchanger). It works as indoor unit of the chiller and can cool down or heating the area (sometimes drying and cleaning the air) with the coolant (water or antifreeze), which comes from the chiller. Hidria IMP Klima d.o.o. manufactures a wide range of fancoils of various types and design. All Hidria IMP Klima d.o.o. equipment has EUROVENT certificate.