Taira offers automatic ventilation control systems allowing to maintain microclimate (temperature, humidity of air) in the room, to monitor air pollution parameters (the filter state, contamination level).

Our automation systems of general ventilation and air-conditioning include a set of measures on design, installation and adjustment of automatic ventilation control.

The automated ventilation system allows you to control air flow and thermal regimes in the building with the help of special program, which independently monitors and adjust the temperature and humidity in the room according to the specified parameters. Such self-regulation allows to reach resource saving.

Our company manufactures electric regulating stations of various complexities used for automated control of operation of air conditioning, ventilation and heating systems. These stations can be manufactured both according to the Customer project and to projects developed by our experts on the basis of technical specifications. In the process of manufacture, great attention is paid not only to assembly quality but to ease of use.

Automation control ventilation systems offered by our company are based on up-to-date programmable controllers.

Control stations are equipped with

  • Actuators (servo valves, differential pressure gauges, thermostats) - BELIMO.
  • Controllers - Eliwell, Honeywell, SIEMENS, Regin, Raut-automatic.
  • Frequency converter - LENZE, ABB, DANFOS, SIEMENS.

The system is made in accordance with the requirements for electrical equipment and Electric Installation Code. Switchboards can be installed both in TN-CS mains and TN-C mains. On execution, the control and automation station can be made both of plastic and of metal.

The control circuit provides tracking all operating and alarming signals.

Operating Alarming
  • Channel air temperature
  • Room temperature (cascade control)
  • Pressure drop at filter element
  • Differential pressure at fan(s)
  • Return water temperature (water heater)
  • Outside air temperature
  • Overheating of fan motor winding
  • System defrost
  • Overheating of electric heater
  • Phase sequence in three-phase AC power supply unit
  • Contamination of outdoor air filter

Automation in simple ventilation systems can be done by the control panels. This control panel provides operation of the ventilation equipment in a preliminary set automatic mode.

More complex distribution ventilation systems use units for remote data collection on system parameters transferring them to the programmable controllers, which perform overall control of the system based on the received data.

Usage of latest adjusting algorithms allows to

  • ensure smooth operation of the ventilation system in automatic mode;
  • use electric energy efficiently;
  • significantly reduce the costs of operation of engineering systems;
  • provide protection of the equipment in emergency situations;
  • provide favorable climate in the room.

Taira offers customized solution on automation of engineering systems as well as mutually beneficial cooperation for organizations working in the field of air conditioning, ventilation and heating.